Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ask Asha: Can I Be Your Disciple?

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Dear Asha,

I have been reflecting for a couple months now, and I want to set my intention. I really, want to be your disciple. If you can't accept me, or don’t feel it is right, I am still grateful to experience the divine through you. I am willing to do whatever I need to do, to experience God.



Dear W.

Your question touches me deeply. I am so happy that you are so determined now to follow the spiritual path.

The simple answer to your question, though, about becoming my disciple is, "No, I can’t take on that role with you." Please understand, though, the limiting factor is not you; it is me. I don’t have the realization.

And furthermore, on our path, we are all disciples of Master and the others of our line of Gurus -- Jesus Christ, Babaji, and so on. Even Swami Kriyananda does not accept disciples in his own name. Many at Ananda, he says, are disciples of Master through him, but that is far as he will go.

It is not only humility on Swamiji’s part to behave in this way. He is also setting an example for the rest of us to follow. Our path is guided by avatars. It is only right that we keep our attention on the true source. Otherwise the power of this path could easily become diluted.

Having said that, let me balance that "no" with an emphatic, "Yes, of course, it would be my joy to help you in your intention to know God."

From Swami Kriyananda I have received so much of teaching, inspiration, and guidance. Because of him and through him I am a disciple of Master. It is my privilege, my responsibility, and my joy to pass on to you -- and to whoever else will listen! -- as much as I can of what I have received.

Swamiji said recently, it is the nature of a happy person to want to make everyone else as happy as he is. And this path has indeed made me a happy person! And it can make you one, too.

Whatever you experience of spiritual benefit through me, know that it is exactly in proportion to the extent to which I have gotten myself out of the way. What you enjoy is not me at all. So give credit where credit is due: to Swamiji and to the great Masters we both love.

If you regard me in the way that I regard myself, it will make our relationship much more fruitful and enjoyable for both of us. We are gurubhais -- sister disciples -- walking the path together, trying with all our hearts to overcome our egos and be pure instruments of God.

In that capacity, I am very happy to help you and ask you, in return, to help me, as all of us in this spiritual family help one another.

In divine love and friendship,
Nayaswami Asha

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