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Ask Asha: Does Kriya Give or Take Away Joy?

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[Another question in response to a previous letter: “In marriage, is celibacy or sex more appropriate?”]

How does Kriya relate to having a physical incarnation at all? Does an intention to transcend sex conflict with God’s purpose in having sexuality a core part of creation?

Kriya lifts us from the lower to the higher chakras. But isn’t the goal to experience all the chakras? And wouldn’t that include “spiritually disciplined” (not promiscuous) sexuality?

For those who want families and sexual relationships, isn’t Kriya going to take them away from that? Is Kriya only for older people who are past that stage?

I am older now, but if I incarnate again, I’ll have a young body. I am hesitant to take up Kriya since it may interfere with that young body’s incarnation.



Dear S:

The answer to all your questions is simple: God is no tyrant and His nature is bliss.

Step by step God leads us from present joys to even greater joys.

As Mahatma Gandhi put it, “Don’t even think about giving up a pleasure until you have replaced with a higher pleasure.”

The practice of Kriya does not separate you from bliss; it draws you deeper into it. This is not a dogma; it is an experience.

Spiritual development is directional. What is forward or backwards for each individual depends where he or she is standing on the spectrum of awareness.

Those things we may enjoy as children -- sticky sweets, for example -- are less appealing as our tastes mature.

It is the same with the many “pleasures” of life. What seems at one stage of development to be the apex of enjoyment -- sex, drinking, or even anger, jealousy, and greed -- will gradually be superseded by something more expansive, enjoyable, and profound as our awareness expands.

As for experiencing all our chakras (and not just the spiritual eye, as you put it) the answer is that the essence of all the chakras is included in the spiritual eye.

The fulfillment we imagine we will find through material security, sexuality, power, etc. is all found in divine consciousness. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.”

But whether you or any other person are interested in seeking first the Kingdom of God, or seeking God at all, is a decision you have to make for your self, based on your own experience.

After many incarnations of joys and sorrows, we begin to long for lasting fulfillment. And with that desire comes also a seed of faith in the possibility of fulfillment. That hope inspires us to conduct the right experiment, i.e. to begin to follow some spiritual path.

It goes one step at a time. And each step follows naturally on the experience you gain from the step you are now on.

It is not an intellectual debate. It isn’t about having your questions answered and all your doubts resolved.

The divine meal is spread before you and when you are hungry, you will eat.

Nayaswami Asha

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