Sunday, April 21, 2013

Swamiji's Passing

Dear Friends:

Swami Kriyananda, aged 86, Ananda’s much beloved founder and spiritual leader, left his body and merged into the Infinite last evening (April 20) at 11pm Pacific time. He died in his home in Assisi, Italy (8am April 21 there).

For several weeks he has not been feeling well and has spoken frequently about how difficult it had become for him to work through that body. He gave many hints that he might not be with us much longer. Still, his actual passing came peacefully but without much warning.

He had gone to bed early Sunday morning, about 2a.m. and got up at 7. He put on his robe and went from his bedroom to the dining room where his computer is also set up. He checked his e-mails, as he always does first thing in the morning.

Jaidhara offered him pancakes for breakfast and he nodded approval, but didn’t speak. When Miriam, his nurse, asked how he was feeling, Swamiji didn’t respond. At first she thought he was just withdrawn but then realized something else was wrong. He had a brief seizure, just a few seconds, but seemed to be recovering.

Then he had increased difficulty breathing. Shurjo and Narayani were also there with Swamiji. Anand and Kirtani were in the temple meditating and someone ran to get them. Swamiji continued to have difficulty breathing and those who were present began to chant AUM in his right ear, at the same time encouraging him to breathe. They moved him from the dining room to his bedroom. He lay on the bed struggling to breathe while they chanted AUM in his ear. Anand and Kirtani arrived. About 15 minutes later, he partially opened his eyes, very briefly and looked at Narayani who was standing closest to him. Then he closed his eyes, exhaled, and everyone in the room knew he was gone.

A feeling of great joy and freedom filled the room. Master had promised Swamiji: “God will come to you at the end of life. Death is the final sacrifice you have to make.”

Swamiji has fulfilled in every way his Guru’s commission to him. He has done the great work Master asked him to do. He has faced death, and now he is with God.

His body will be placed now in the Temple of Light in Assisi so everyone there can come and meditate with him. Jyotish and Devi are going to Italy right away and there will be a service there for Swamiji.

Several years ago, Swamiji requested that after he died his body not be cremated, but brought to Ananda Village and buried there. A  Mahasamadhi Mandir will be built over where his body is put and some plans have already been made to do this.

We have been deeply blessed to have had so many blessed years of Swamiji’s guidance and inspiration. We rejoice with him now in his perfect freedom in God.

Sunday Service will be dedicated to Swamiji.

In divine friendship,
David & Asha

A photo of Swamiji taken shortly after his passing.

At rest in front of the altar in the Assisi temple.


  1. god bless, the world has lost an angel

  2. I am happy that he is with God now and in the same time I am really sad that I did not have a chance to see him when his joyful physical presence was there. Om Peace Amen!

  3. It was a privilege and an honor to meet him.
    He changed my life, and the life of thousands (maybe millions) of people.
    I can't express in words the feelings I have, so I offer you my devotion, my silence, my Kriyas, my devotion, my love.
    OM, TAT, SAT

  4. The Unseen One, featureless, unthinkable, undefinable by name. Whose Substance is the certitude of One Self, in Whom world-existence is stilled, Who is all peace and bliss - that is the Self, that is what be known.
    ~ Mandukya Upanishad

  5. Lead us from the unreal to the real ,from darkness to light,from death to immortality .Om Shanti shanti amen

  6. Terri Cooper MyersApril 21, 2013 at 9:26 AM

    Go with love Swamiji. May joyful blessings speed you safely on your way. May God's light expand within you. May we be one in that light someday.

    May Master and all the Gurus bless you. Thank you for all you did in changing and blessing my life. I am ever grateful.

    Om, Om, Om...

  7. Such an amazing soul, many thanks for changing my life and changing the lives of many others...

  8. Thank you dear Swamiji for all you have done for me. God bless you wonderful soul. Lots of Love and Blessings always.

  9. إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

  10. Unceasing gratitude and love to you, dear Swamiji, for touching and changing the lives and hearts of many thousands. Thank you for your example and inspiration of perfect discipleship and Joy!

    Interesting I came upon this passage while reading tonite, your book "Revelations of Christ" on Pg. 286:

    "Withdraw your life-force into the center of the tree of life, the spine, and bask there in the cool shade of inner peace. As the sensory tumult dies away, drink the wine of bliss from the flask of your devotion. Commune inwardly with your Divine Beloved.

    And in stillness, listen: For the Singing Blessedness will satisfy your every heart's desire, and entertain you forever with melodies of perfect wisdom."


  11. Beloved Swamiji - Jai Guru Jai!

    Your Light shines forever brightly, enabling me to follow you to the shores of the Divine. Your life, a beacon, your love of God & Guru, a Supreme example for all Gurubais. Like Hanuman, your Heart was filled with Master's Grace and Gratitude. May we be One in That Light someday.

    OM Shanti OM my friend... Casey

  12. He would have celebrated his 87th birthday in May.


    ... a life lived perfectly for God, and Guru..

    ...a life lived, to lead those who seek, 'from the unreal to the real'..

    ...a life lived of one who, chose 'God Alone'...

    ...a life that embraced, and celebrated 'Love is a Magician'..

    ...a life that gave us divine hope..

    ...k constantino

  14. Swamiji, you are my truest Divine Friend and will continue to be the perfect reflection of our Beloved Sat Guru! My only regret is that I was not able to give you more help in the work. Now you are in the Wind where betrayal blows far, far away! We will be One in that Light someday! Love Eternally your little gopi, Brindey, OM, Om, om.............

  15. "A master invariably knows beforehand the time God has appointed for him to leave his bodily residence". Let us honor the humble way he served the Masters by not falsely elevating his passing to the level of mahasamadhi, attainable only by perfected masters.

    May his saintly life be remembered for what it truly was.


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