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Ask Asha: Truthseeking in the Modern World

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Hello, I was just reading the first few chapters of 'The New Path' and I noticed that my personality strongly mirrors that of swamiji in his youth! I have an intense longing for truth and I try to live life based on the principles taught by the masters. However, in the modern western society, idealists like me are perceived as mentally abnormal! It is so hard to live each day being bombarded by sex, violence and lack of empathy in people! What can I do to be at peace? btw I do mediate daily...

From Canada


Dear Friend:

It is very gratifying for Swamiji to hear that so many who read his autobiography feel as if they are reading their own story. The circumstances of his life were unique, but the longing of his heart is universal.

The happy ending to his story — finding his Guru and dedicating his life to Self-realization — gives us all hope that the longing our hearts, too, will be fulfilled in God.

Yes, modern Western society is not supportive of the Self-realization way of life. And yes, this is inconvenient and a challenge to the dedicated path of the truthseeker.

But there will always be something! What we seek is a pearl of great price and naturally obstacles must be overcome before it will be ours.

You can’t control the outer environment, so you must redouble your efforts to control and direct your inner awareness according to your ideals.

And insofar as your sphere of influence extends, try to create an uplifting environment for yourself. Your home, your room, your companions, the music and entertainment you bring in, how you spend your leisure time — with some discipline and will power you can carve out of even our modern Western world a way of life more conducive to growing spiritually.

Do you live near, or can you relocate to be near, an Ananda community? On you can read about the various Ananda places in the world. This includes a retreat and community in Pune, India, and dynamic retreats and communities in both Assisi, Italy, and Nevada City, (northern) California. Plus, Ananda teachers literally travel the world offering classes and seminars.

Through the website, you can get in touch with Ananda Worldwide and make sure you are informed whenever Ananda events happen anywhere in your region. You will receive then the benefit of experienced guidance, and also meet others who share your interests.

Above all, pray constantly to God and Gurus to provide you what you need in terms of inspiration, teaching, companionship, and supportive environment to bring your spiritual aspirations into profound realizations.

Through the internet you can “keep the company of the saints” no matter where in the world you live! A great benefit of ascending Dwapara Yuga!

May God bless you and guide you in your search and bring you speedily back to your divine home in Him.

Nayaswami Asha

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